Raspberry Pi Projects

Collection of incredible & innovative raspberry pi Projects for Engineering students, inventors & hobbyist by Fluxprime.com.The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.

All Raspberry Pi Projects List:

  • Waste and Garbage Recycling Vending Machine Project

  • Smart Door Receptionist with Smart Lock System 

  • Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi & RF

  • Camera Based Surveillance System Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Ultrasonic Music Beats Player Using Raspberry Pi 

  • IOT Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Insect Robot 

  • Face Recognition Door Lock System Using Raspberry Pi 

  • IOT based Anti-theft Flooring System using Raspberry Pi 

  • IOT Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Raspberry Pi Vehicle Anti-Theft Face Recognition System 

  • Raspberry Pi based Weather Reporting Over IOT 

  • IOT Based Patients Monitoring System

  • IOT Early Flood Detection & Avoidance 

  • IOT Garbage Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Women Safety Night Patrolling Robot Ras Pi 

  • IOT Flood Monitoring & Alerting System Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Raspberry Pi Air & Noise Pollution Monitoring System IOT 

  • IOT Colour Based Product Sorting Machine Project 

  • Smart E Glasses for Voltage Measurement 

  • Speaking System for Mute People Using Hand Gestures 

  • IOT Smart Mirror with News & Temperature 

  • IOT Colour Based Product Sorting Machine Project 

  • Object Tracker & Follower Robot Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Raspberry Pi Based Reader for Blind

  • Raspberry Pi Wheelchair with Safety System 

  • Raspberry Pi Speaking Bus Stop Reminder

  • IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System

  • Drink & Drive Detection with Ignition Lock Project 

  • IOT Theft Detection Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Raspberry Pi Based Automatic Selfie Booth

  • Night Vision Security Patrolling Robot with Sound Sensing 

  • Raspberry Pi Vehicle Number Plate Recognition 

  • Voice Controlled Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Motion Based Time Lapse Camera with Optimized Storage 

  • Automated Door Opener with Lighting Control Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Virtual Piano Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Raspberry Pi based Android Controlled Surveillance Robot

  • Driver Drowsiness Detection System for Accident Prevention using Raspberry pi

  • PLC based Automatic Sorting System using Image processing 

  • IOT based Greenhouse Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi 

  • Raspberry Pi Based Vehicle Starter on Face Detection 

  • Motion Activated Wildlife Recording Camera Raspberry Pi 

  • Drunk Driving Detection with Car Ignition Locking

  • Raspberry Pi Home Automation Project

  • IOT Industry Automation Using Raspberry Pi 

  • Image Processing Based Fire Detection Using Raspberry Pi

# Resent Projects


Automatic Defence & Destroy Robot

This system consists   of   an   intelligent sonar  based  object  tracking  system that continuously monitors  the  target. In this project   we  are  making  use    of  ultrasonic  radar    system   and   DC geared    motor driven    firing     unit  interfaced  with  microcontroller  based  control  unit.

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Pick & Place Robot

A pick and place robot is the one which is used to pick up an object and place it in the desired location. It can be a cylindrical robot providing movement in horizontal, vertical and rotational axes, a spherical robot providing two rotational and one linear movement, an articulate robot or a scara robot (fixed robots with 2 vertical axes rotary arms).


Landmine Detection Robo

The robot system is embedded with metal detector capable of sensing the landmine and buzzer from producing a warning alarm to the nearby personnel in that area. The locomotion of the robot is carried out by the DC motor. The robot is interfaced with the PC by deploying a WiFi device.


Solar Based Hybrid  Inverter

The system is beneficial for storing the energy for night time use. The project even controls the charging mechanism i.e. when the battery gets overcharged or undercharged. It requires a set of op-amps that constantly monitors the parameters like panel voltage, load current etc


Sun Tracker Based Energy Harvesting 

The designed project aims at tracking the sun to achieve the maximum sun light incident on the solar panel during anytime of the day. The project is useful during cloudy days. The system requires a solar panel coupled with a Servo motor to keep tracking the sun and moving according to the maximum sun light received.

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Power System

Energy Generation By Machine Vibration

Sound energy is produced when an object vibrates. The sound vibrations cause waves of pressure that travel through a medium, such as air, water, wood or metal. Sound energy is a form of mechanical energy.

Then it collected by Piezoelectric Transducers.